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Guide service


Guided city tour offers

Do you like secrets? So join us...

Book your personal guide, who will show you the city with its most hidden secrets and satisfy even the most curious tourist!

1.     Visit the Upper town streets
We visit the former Franciscan monastery with the adjoining church, we pass through the historical Square of Pribina along the mighty Corgoň and we abase the most important of Nitra hills - the ancient Nitra castle. There the sightseeing of the Cathedral of St. Emmeram will follow, exit to the Cathedral Tower, sightseeing of the Great Moravian Wall in the Casemates and the discovery of the episcopal treasure in the Diocesan Museum. (There is an access to the Diocesan Library in the case of interest).

2.     Throught the Lower town corners
We walk together through the Pedestrian zone, discover the hidden traces of the history and past, we  peek to the Nitra Synagogue, through the Farská Street and the Church of the Visiting of the Virgin Mary, through Vŕšok and the County Square to the Town Park.

3.     Footprints of Nitra Jews
The rich history of the Jewish population in Nitra get us to the Synagogue, in Párovce or to one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia. Did you know that in Nitra was once one of the noted Jewish schools, so called ješiva?

4.     Nitra, an ancient centre of Christian religion
Nitra, as one of the oldest places in Slovakia, invites you to walk through the oldest history of Slovakia, which is connected with the arrival of St. Cyril and Method, the origins of the Christian culture in Eastern Europe. Walk through several church monuments such as the Church of the Visiting of the Virgin Mary, St. Michal Church, Piarist Church of St. Ladislav, or the old St. Stephen´s Church in Párovce, we will approach christianity and it´s culture closer to us. 

5.     The Zobor Monastery and Zobor Mountains
The massive hill above Nitra, called Zobor, is the first hill, which is seen in the direction of the south of Slovakia and along with the river Nitra, is the ideal place for the formation of settlement. It was also thought by medieval Benedictines ,who established there the oldest monastery on the territory of Slovakia, as well as St. Svorad and Benedict, who have found under its hill the shelter. Together we will discover what they have left here, and each, who is physically fit can ascend under the top of Zobor on Pyramid, from there is a beautiful view of the city.

6.     Throught the Calvary hill..
Below the top of the green plain was a church... it is written in the old writings about this magic place. Discover him with us and become absorbed in the narrative about the Calvary stories during the common exit to the hill. The Missionary Museum in the former Nazarene Monastery offers many interesting objects from verbatim brothers' paths.

7.     Nitra at Night
Pedestrian outdoor sightseeing tour with legends and attractions of the Square of Svätopluk, passage through mysterious streets emblazoned with legends of the Square of  Pribina, talking about Corgoň, Pribina, view of evening Nitra.

8.     Tracing the Nitra Legends not only for children
By walking around the city, you must be careful not to meet the headless monk that appears here in the Upper town alongside the mighty Corgoň. We also mention the legend of Svätopluk and his three pricks, on Maur's legend or on the blind Vazul and his story. The stories of Nitra are full of memories of epidemics, fires and scary stories that we uncover together.

9.     Nitra Art nouveau
This is an architectural story, which take place in Nitra. The gorgeous "Art Nouveau" will not fascinated us only in Vienna by Gustav Klimt and his wonderful works, but it is also present in the ancient Nitra! Come and take a walk with us with the playful and beautiful natural period of the Nitra Art Nouveau and look by Klimt's eyes on things we know long ago!

10.  Tracing through the history of Art
A common story of architecture and art of individual style periods will get us into the Lower and Upper town by views of period builders and their architects. We discover together rosettes, portals, stained glass, violets, we walk together through Romanesque style, Renaissance, Baroque and other styles and we will find the beauty hidden in the art around us.


Cost of guide services

In Slovak Per Hour Additional time
after hour long tour
(in 30 minute intervals)
1 to 10 persons 18 € 9 €
11 to 20 persons 21 € 10.50 €
21 to 30 persons 24 € 12 €
31 to 40 persons 26 € 13 €
In foreign language    
1 to 10 persons 26 € 13 €
11 to 20 persons 29 € 14.50 €
21 to 30 persons 32 € 16 €
31 to 40 persons 35 € 17.50 €













The entrance fees in the monuments (Synagogue, Castle area, Diocesan museum,Casemate) are not included.
A guide must be booked in advance at least three days prior to your visit.
Send your order to info@nitra.sk or visit the Tourist information center on Štefánikova 1, Nitra.
A recommendatory meeting point with your guide is at the tourist office.
Tour time is 2 hours.
In the case of booking the guide for half hour, you will pay 50% of the price by booking one whole hour.
Displayed prices include 20% VAT.
We accept cash, credit cards or invoice.


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