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The Calvary is situated in the southern part of the city on a hill that carries the same name on the banks of the Nitra river.  The very first Calvary was built in the last third of the 18th century. It was situated outside of the urban area of the city. It was probably an iconographic program of calvary with seven stops. Probably in the year of 1885 it was replaced by a more recent program with fourteen stops. Today´s stops were built in previously mentioned year 1885 during the reconstruction of the monastic set which took place at the initiative of Bishop Roškováni and was under the direction of an architect František Storn. The stops were designed by Karol Mayer. The restored calvary on the Calvary hill was sanctified on November 8th in 1885 by the leader of the Franciscan monastery in Nitra, Ananiáš Pelčársky. An older Chapel of the Saint Cross which was modified to become the Chapel of God´s grave, also became a part of the Calvary ensemble. In the 19th century, the urban area of the city started to spread towards the Calvary hill and it completely surrounded it in the 20th century. The Calvary consists of twelve neoromanesque chapels of the calvary stops, arranged alongside the pavement which leads from the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to the top of the hill, the Chapel of the God´s grave. The stops are oriented towards the east. At the top of the hill there is a group of statues of the Crucifixion. The Chapel of the God´s grave is the fourteenth stop and it has a hexagonal ground plan and a six-pointed turret.ň


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