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Natural monument Svorad´s cave


Svorad´s cave is a smaller system of caves, which lies 355 meter above the sea level. It was named the same as Svorad´s Spring, after a  recluse, Svorad. Svorad came to Nitra from Poland during the reign of the Hungarian king Stephen I. and joined the Benedictine order in the Saint Hippolyte monastery on Zobor. He accepted the monastic robe and the monk name Andrej from Abbot Philip here. According a legend, Svorad lived an eremitic life in a cave near the monastery. That is why the cave is known as Svorad´s cave. The first detailed  investigation of the Svorad´s cave took place in 1974. All its accessible areas have been charted. The entrance is artificially adjusted and leads into an entrance hall which is 6.5 m long, 2-3.5 m wide and 2 m high. There is a 4 m long vertical chimney on the ceiling, which narrows into a 15 cm wide crack. There is a narrow corridor on the north which is 2 m long and leads into another small area. During the research no other bigger areas were found. Except the cave, which is underground, there are some karst forms known as karrens on the entry footpath. The most common are the cracks in limestone, which were changed into many different forms by the rain.

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