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Slovak Agricultural Museum


The Slovak Agricultural Museum resides in a beautiful, natural setting, at 94 Dlhá Street. The museum was established in Bratislava in 1922, and it has been residing in Nitra since 1960. The exhibitions of the museum are dedicated to the traditional forms of Slovak farming, and document a rich agricultural past as well as present. An open-air museum of agriculture, unique in Slovakia, is part of the museum. Other open-air museums lie in the mountains and document residential buildings of folk architecture. The Nitra open-air museum is an interesting cross-section of rural life in the lowland regions of southern Slovakia. Its exhibition contains 33 buildings collected from the whole of Slovakia, among them beehives, a school, bakery, dairy farm, seed cleaner, oil factories, a mill, chalet etc. A major attraction of the museum is the narrow-gauge, light railway for steam engines. The railway was transferred from the  vicinity of Želiezovce, where it was used for the needs of the manor in Želiezovce from 1885. It was in use till 1971 there. It used to transport harvest from the fields, mainly sugarbeet, and also animals and building materials. Whereas there were several dozens of mountain railways in Slovakia, there were only 5 or 6 narrow-gauge light railways. Today, the Nitra light railway operates with three steam engines and a diesel electric engine. The oldest steam engine, U 35 901, comes from 1918. Four coaches for scenic viewing are used for passenger transport.

Open-Air Museum – Objects:
Bakery (Veľký Biel, 20th cent.), School 1861 (Divín, 19th cent.), Seed cleaner (Rimavská Seč, 20th cent.), Oil presser, machine (Soľ, 20th cent.), Oil presser, classic (Žirany, 18th cent.), Wax extractor (Budikovany, 19th cent.), Cylindrical mill (Cakov, 20th cent.), Stone mill (Franková, 19th cent.), Beater mill for hemp, cylindrical (Rimavská Seč, 20th cent.), Beater mill for hemp, hammer (Boliarov, 20th cent.), Wool processor (Liptovský Ondrej, 19th cent.), Vineyard cottage (Hontianske Nemce, 19th cent.), Beehives (14 objects from the whole of Slovakia, 19th-20th cent.), Steam railway (Želiezovce manor, 19th cent.), Haylofts (northern Slovakia, 19th cent.), Distillery (Moravské Lieskové, 20th cent.), Chalet (Spišská Belá, 19th cent.), Winter stable (Vyšná Boca, 19th cent.)

Agriculture from Earliest Times to the Middle Ages
Agricultural Motifs in Arts
The Preparation and Cultivation of Land
Rural Transport
Seeding and Harvest of Crops
Driving Gear, Tractors, Treadmills, Turbines, Engines
Agricultural Aviation
Fire Safety in Farmhouses
The Development of the Food Industry

Slovak Agricultural Museum

Dlhá 92
Phone: +421 (0) 37 6572578,  +421 911 404001

Opening hours:
May - September
Tuesday-Thursday entrances at 9.00, 11.00 and 13.00 h
(Saturday-Sunday only for organized groups of more than 5 people, reported 5 days in advance)

October - April
Tuesday - Thursday entrances at 9.00 and 11.00 h


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