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Hipology Museum

Location: Topoľčianky

Route: Nitra - Topoľčianky

Distance from Nitra:  36 km

Other attractions in the vicinity: Topoľčianky castle, Stud, Bison Park in Lovce

Contact: 00421 (0) 905 256 911 (orders)



This place is one of its kinds in Slovakia. It was established in 1989 in Topolčianky in a building of a former cultural centre. The biggest merit of its formation belongs to famous Slovakian expert of Hipology Ing. Vladimír Hučko, CSc, who has also organised many horse-racings in Slovakia. Visitors can learn about the past and present of stud objects by photo documents, also about personalities, who were successfully involved on horse breeding and sport activities.

Pride of the museum is also a laurel wreath with blue ribbon, which the horse Arva was the decorated by in Big Churchli in Prague (1988). Another exhibit is Jozef Čajda´s jersey who won Veľká pardubická steeple chase cross-country run in 1955 with stallion 19/51 Furios XIV.

Little visitors can be interested in horse collars, saddlers, various tackles, different horse-smith tools, etc. There is an exposition of carriages and stagecoaches at the quad.

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