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St. George´s Church in Kostoľany pod Tríbečom


Location: Nitra – Kolíňany – Neverice – Ladice – Kostoľany pod Tribečom

Built: 11th century

Architectural style: Romanesque


The picturesque village of Kostoľany pod Tribečom is set in beautiful scenery of the Tribeč Mountains. It lies in a wide valley of the Drevenica stream, between the hills of Dúň (514 m) and Ploská (567 m). The village is known thanks to St. George's Church, towering modestly over the village in its north-eastern part. This small church is the oldest architectural monument in Slovakia, reaching back to the pre-Romanesque era. Its original core consists of the presbytery and the nave, dating back to the 10th century or earlier. The presbytery has an irregular trapezoidal shape, vaulted with an arch. The thick masonwork on its external walls with small window openings gives it an ancient look. The interior of the church is very attractive from an artistic point of view, too. In the history of arts, it occupies a primary place due to the frescoes of the period (painted on wet plaster) depicting scenes from the life of Virgin Mary and other Christian motifs. The artist presumably came from the Zobor monastery. In the 13th century, the building was enlarged by a tower and a second, larger nave of a slightly irregular ground plan. In this form, the small church resembles an architectural collage of several centuries. After a fire in the 16th century, the church lost its roof, and was left to the caprices of time. It was renovated only in the next century. In 1721, the wooden attic was removed and replaced by a stucco decoration. St. George's Church is listed among the national cultural heritage sights of Slovakia.  More info www.apsida.sk.

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