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Benedictine Church in Diakovce


Location: Diakovce

Built: 1228

Architectural style: late Romanesque



The Assumption of the Virgin Mary's Church was built by the Benedictine monastic order.  In 1002, King Stephen I granted the territory of this village to the Benedictines. The church is late Romanesque. It was consecrated in 1228. The church was modified in a Neo-Romanesque style in 1872 to 1875. It was significantly enlarged, too. The earliest part of the church is the chapel from the 11th century. It forms the southern part of the church. The middle part of the church comes from the 13th century. The front part is the newest. It comes from the 18th century. In recent decades, the church has been renovated. This phenomenal church is one of the most significant monuments in Slovakia. Diakovce lies 3 km southwest of Šaľa.

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