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Zobor is a city suburb located on a very attractive place. The southern slopes of the hill were covered by vineyards in the past. Today the hill is mostly covered with luxury villas that serve as the fanciest residencies in Nitra. The top of the hill (553 metres high) provides a panoramic view on Nitra and its wide surroundings. Next to the telecommunication tower there is a pedestal with a millenial monument on it. The monument was revealed on August 30th in 1896 in honor of the celebration of the founding of Hungary. The main hill, Zobor (588 metres high) provides only a limited view on the east side. The remains of the stone waves can still be recognized in the woods around the top. The remains are from the early Bronze Age settlement. In the Great Moravian period, one of the defending walls was standing there. Among the remains of the vineyards can be found a Church of Saint Urban from 18th century. Its current appearance is a result of the adjustments made in 1939. A valuable sacred monument of the church, whose patron is the traditional protector of vineyards, is the torso of the stone statue of the Suffering Christ from the year 1746. During the construction of the amphitheater in the lower part of Zobor a large burial ground was found from the period just after the demise of the Great Moravia. However, only 165 graves were documented out of more than 700. Out of all of the Zobor monuments the most significant is the former monastery of the Saint Hyppolite which lies in the valley on the western slope of the hill.


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