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Zobor Monastery


The Baroque monastery premises situated at the foot of the Zobor Hill completes the traditions of the ancient Nitra Town. Originally, the Benedictine abbey monastery of St. Hypolit from the 10th century was situated here, however, it had disappeared by the second half of the 15th century. It was the oldest monastery in Slovakia. Later, the premises became an institution providing education for the priests of Nitra Diocese. The monastery at Zobor is also mentioned in the Zobor Letters which date back to 1111 and 1113. Its termination dates to 1468. It is presumed that a new monastery for Camaldolese monks built between 1692 and 1697 replaced the original Benedictine monastery. The Bishop Blažej Jaklin together with his cousin – a Baron Nicolas Jaklin, a nobleman from Lefantovce had the monastery built. They signed a document where they pledged to build a new monastery for twelve monks at the former Benedictine monastery site. The whole monastery complex was built by an unknown Viennese architect. Construction was completed in 1695. During the reconstruction works, the ruins of the original monastery were razed to the ground, a new one-storey monastery with two side wings was erected and in the garden on a gentle slope a church with three entrances and a tower with two bells was built. A crypt would have been under the church where the deceased monks at one side and the members of the Appony’s family at the other side, would be buried. At present, the church is all but in ruins and the former Camaldolese Monastery is home to a Specialised Clinic for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

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