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The natural scenery of the Nitra region and its vicinity is characterized by duality because, as to the landscape, there are two very different areas. The first one are the Tribeč Mountains, the second (larger) one belongs to the Danubian Hills. This duality is present in the town of Nitra even more expressly. Its main characteristics is its location on the border of the hills and the lowland. A smaller, northern part of the town extends to Tribeč, the significantly larger one stretches in a land of roundish hills surrounding the valley of the river Nitra.

Tourists will surely find the Zobor Hills Educational Trail, having 27 stops, with a total distance of 14.7 km (9.1 miles), interesting. The starting point of the primary round, leading to Zobor and back, is at the Zobor Medical Institute. The medical institute can be reached by public transport buses Nos. 1, 9 and 25. Besides the main track, the educational trail has two secondary routes.

Primary Round - Direction: Zobor
Medical Institute
Zorard's Spring
Zorard's Cave
Unpaved Carriageway
Three Oaks
Zobor Hillfort
Tourist Sign
Tribeč Mountains
Animals of the Steppes
Zobor Forest Steppe National Nature Reserve
The Acid-Loving Vegetation of Quartzites

Secondary Rounds - Direction: Dražovce
Warmth-Loving Plants
Junipers on the Zobor Hills
Dražov Chapel

Direction: Žibrica
Plants in Oak and Hornbeam Forests
Forest Woody Plants
Forest Signs
Birds in Deciduous Forests
Žibrica Nature Reserve
Animals in Deciduous Forests
Žibrica Hillfort

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