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The synagogue was built in 1911 to designs by L. Baumhorn. Art Nouveau and Neo-Romanesque elements and oriental Moorish decorations form the synagogue’s architectural interpretation. Originally built in a Neological style, it was altered into the orthodox style in 1946. The synagogue’s main facade has windows decorated with Tudor arches and circling panelling, accentuated by a risalit holding a support with a panel featuring the Ten Commandments. The main entrance into the building, with a portico in a donkey-back shape, is situated in the two-tower street entrance section. The synagogue facades are decorated with small glazed bricks. The building is topped with the central and corner domes. The main entry opens to an anteroom – a pulis with a barrel vault. On the west side of the anteroom, the stairs climb to a gallery, while the east side of the anteroom serves as a cloakroom. In the centre of the west vestry wall an ark stands in the form of an edicule with a gable. Dominating architectural fragments are semicircular blind arcades, pilasters and a balustrade. Rich plant and geometric ornaments used on column and pillar capitals, ceiling and vault bands suggest that the inspiration came from Byzantine and oriental architecture. Building reconstruction (1983–2003) was aimed at roof, interior and exterior repairs. These days the Synagogue is under the auspices of Nitra Town municipality and is used for concerts and exhibitions. 

Today, the Synagogue in Nitra is one of the most beautiful synagogues in Slovakia, and significantly enriches the system of cultural institutions in Nitra. It serves primarily as a concert and exhibition hall. By making it accessible to the public in 2003, a valuable area was formed for the realization of the various cultural events of the town, chamber concerts, theatre performances, literary evenings, exhibitions, etc. Its main component are the three permanent exhibitions, a series of the graphic letters of Shrag Weil,  exhibition The History and Traditions of Jewish in Nitra Town and exhibition Alena Bugárová and Her View of Nitra.


Pri Synagóge 3
Tel.: +421 (0)37 652 53 20
Opening hours:
Tuesday: 13.00 - 18.00 h, Wednesday,Thursday 9.00 - 12.00, 13.00 -18.00, Saturday, Sunday: 13.00 - 18.00 h.
Entrance fee: 1 €/ person.


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