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Although part of the Nitra region and its vicinity lying in the Tribeč Mountains is small by its area, due to its divided character it significantly affects the overall look of the land. The mountains, standing about 600 meters over the nearby lowlands, can be seen from the distance. If the weather is ideal, they can be discerned when looking from the Bratislava Castle, 90 km away. Tribeč belongs to the border hills of the Inner Western Carpathians which, similarly to the Little Carpathians and Považský Inovec, extend to the Danube Lowland. To the area of the region, Tribeč extends by its southern part. Its highest part, culminating in Veľký Tribeč (830 m) lies beyond its northern border. The mountains are divided into two geomorphological subunits. On the south, the Zobor massif stretches, divided from the Jelenec massif, lying more to the north by a wide lateral depression between Podhorany and Žirany. 

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