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The Zobor Mountains


The most visited part of PLA Ponitrie is the Zobor Mountains, which stretches from the Romanesque church above Dražovce to the valley of the Huntákstream. As one of the most representative territories of Europe they became the part of the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000. The Zobor Mountains are unique for the number of precious and xeric plants and animals, but also for geologic and geomorphologic peculiarities, historic settlement during early ages and also for its beautiful view and scenery. The highest point of the Zobor Mountains is Žibrica (617 m); it is followed by Zobor (587 m), Pyramída (553 m) and Vápenník (531m). There are situated four smaller protected areas in the Zobor Mountains: National Nature Reservation Zoborská lesostep, two nature reservations Lupka and Žibrica and a protected area Huntácka dolina.

There is a Nature trail for visitors with 27 stops, with the total length of 14.7 km. Each stop offers a nice insight to the most beautiful nooks of the Zobor Mountains. Nature trail is divided into three circuits. Starting point of the basic circuit of Nature trail which leads to Zobor and back is at Zobor Sanatorium, which you can reach by buses of a local transport. The second circuit leads to Dražovce around the Church of St. Michael and the third one to Mount Žibrica and the village Štitáre. From villages Dražovce and Štitáre you can get by buses of the local transport back to Nitra.

Nature trail is the part of marked walking trails. Each stop is marked by standard symbols of Nature trails with a number.

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