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Meet Osijek

Meet Osijek

Meet Osijek

Osijek, Croatia
December, 1997 - Partnership agreement between Nitra and Osijek

  • It is divided into three districts: Donji Grad, Tvrđa and Gornji grad, which united in 1786
  • There is a wooden bridge over the river Drava which connect Osijek to Hungary
  • Here is located the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek (Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište), Gallery of Fine Arts (Galerija likovnih umjetnosti), Museum of Slavonia (Muzej Slavonije) and the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (Župa sv. Petra i Pavla)
  • National reserve Kopački Rit
  • Collaboration in the field of tourism
  • Participation of the working group in Fair of Tourism in Osijek, participation of the Croatian delegation on the international conference, regular participation of delegations at various events
  • Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Union of Slovaks in Croatia on September 27th, 2012 in the synagogue in Nitra
  • Involvement in joint international projects in the field of tourism, partnership, culture and sport

  • Interesting facts about Osijek:
  • It was built near by the ruins of the Roman settlement Mursa, which was founded by Emperor Hadrian
  • It was almost destroyed during the war in Yugoslavia but in 1998 began its reconstruction
  • It has 17 parks and 30 km long bicycle trails
  • Local beer Osiječko since the 17th century
  • Excellent local gastronomy - baked venison, čobanac (type of stew), fish stew, spicy fish stew, special kind of sausage called kulen, wine and others
  • In Osijek is located the third largest vineyard in Croatia
  • Here are produced wines of high quality, such as: Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot and Blaufränkisch 
  • Co-cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, located in the main square, is one of the tallest buildings in Croatia. More than 3000 people can enter it and is structured with 3.5 million bricks

You can find more information about Osijek on the website: www.osijek.hr

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