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Meet Kroměříž

Meet Kroměříž

Meet Kroměříž

Kroměříž, Czech Republic
December 1st, 1972 - Agreement between Nitra and Kroměříž

  • Town of historical monuments, schools, art, culture and monuments of UNESCO
  • Also known as ‘’Athens of Hanakia’’
  • In 1997 it was declared as the most beautiful historical town in the Czech Republic
  • The center of music festivals, holds a music festival each summer, harvest festival known as Dožinky in the Zlín Region, movie tours Arsfilm
  • Cooperation in the field of tourism
    Discount tourist packages
    Mutual presentation of both towns at fairs and exhibitions in the Czech Republic
  • Collaboration between Seniors Club - exchanges of members of the club for seniors between Nitra and Kroměříž, two-sided participation of seniors in sports games
  • Collaboration between schools - two-sided student exchange - project ‘’Ahoj kamarát’’
  • Collaboration between libraries
  • Official visits by city officials

  • Interesting facts about Kroměříž:
  • A town known for movies - many films and TV series were filmed here, such as: Amadeus, A Royal Affair, French TV series Napoléon staring Gérard Dépardieu, Immortal Beloved, remake of the notable film Angelique, a biographical documentary about the Empress of Russia Catherine the Great, a Czech classic Třicet panen a Pythagoras (Thirty virgins and Pythagoras), Requiem pro panenku (Requiem for a Maiden), Dědictví 2 (Heritage 2), TV series Četnické humoresky, and a film for children called Peklo s princeznou (Hell with a princess).
  • Archbishop’s wine cellars offer the opportunity to taste Omšové víno, which is made without additives and it is said that this wine is known since the rule of Charles IV
  • Minizoo is a part of the Podzámska garden, where visitors can find baboons, pheasants, royal and exotic birds. Originally, this garden was used as a typical garden were the residents grew fruits and vegetables
  • Here can be found the world’s second largest collection of church embossing (coins and medals). The first is located in Vatican City.
  • In the Flower garden can be found the ‘’Ear of Dionysus’’, which does not keep any secret
  • Within the Flower garden lies the octagonal Rotunda, in which is found the unique Foucault pendulum, which shows the rotation of the Earth around its axis
  • In Kroměříž can be also found three microbreweries
  • Part of the Zamocká library is also a collection of manuscripts, which include, for instance, works of: P.J. Vejvanovský, J. Haydn, L. van Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, etc.

You can find more information about Kroměříž on the website www.mesto-kromeriz.cz

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