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Meet Gyeongju

Meet Gyeongju

Meet Gyeongju

Gyeongju, South Korea
August 8th, 2014 Signed partnership and cooperation agreement between Gyeongju and Nitra.

  • Lies on the southeast part of South Korea
  • Known for its UNESCO sites
  • A part of the Museum without walls
  • Here is located one of the oldest observatories in eastern Asia - Cheomseongdae
  • Collaboration in the field of sports - Gyeongju International Youth (U12) Football Tournament – FC Nitra 
  • Official and unofficial delegations on cultural events (Nitra, milá Nitra..., Silkroad Festival) 
  • Work groups at conferences - World Water Forum
  • Sale of wines from Nitra in hotel facilities in Gyeongju

  • Interesting facts about Gyengju:
  • In the past, it was the capital city of the Silla empire, which ruled over two thirds of the Korean peninsula
  • Also known as the ‘’golden city’’ - it has a large amount of Buddhist monuments and traditional Buddhist art and also the ‘’Museum under the sky’’ - a large number of temple palaces, statues and reliefs from the 7th and 10th century
  • Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000
  • Park Tumuli contains 20 burial mounds
  • The city has an uncountable number of tombs
  • National Museum - contains more than 80 thousand objects, such as objects made out of iron, paintings, clay containers, calligraphic scrolls, objects of folk art, weapons, porcelain, gold and bronze statues.
  • Bell of King Seongdeok - also known as the Emile Bell, it is world’s largest and oldest bell
  • Observatory - the oldest in the eastern Asia and one of the oldest in the world

You can find more information about Gyengju on the website: www.gyeongju.go.kr

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