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Meet Gosford

Meet Gosford

Meet Gosford

Gosford, Australia
September 10th, 1988 - Statement on the establishment of second-hand intercourse between Nitra and Gosford

  • Located approximately 80 km from Sydney and 80 km from New Castle
  • A large part consists of national parks, natural reserves, beaches and waterways
  • Tourist attractions:
    osford Regional Gallery
    Edogawa Commemorative Garden in Gosford
    Central Coast Stadium
    Forest of Tranquility
    Australian Reptile Park
  • Collaboration
    Participation of official delegates at events
    Meeting at workshops and conference in Nitra
    In the past children from the Private Conservatory in Nitra visited Gosford
    Assistance in organizing visits of Gosford residents in Nitra

  • Interesting facts about Gosford:
  • The original residents were from the Guringgai tribe
  • Gosford is protecting its past with care - in the historical buildings around the city can be seen their ancestor’s way of life (court house, church, Wyoming Cottage)
  • It has a high-level of education
  • Due to its good geographical position and a well-linked traffic, it is known as Australia’s shopping centre
  • Located in the Central Coast; has beautiful beaches and holiday cottages
  • Brisbane Water National Park with Somersby falls

You can find more information about Gosford on the website: www.gosford.nsw.gov.au.

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