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Meet České Budějovice

Meet České Budějovice

Meet České Budějovice

České Budějovice, Czech Republic
May 7th, 1994 - Co-operation agreement between České Budějovice and Nitra

  • Largest town in the south of the Czech Republic
  • Region enriched with natural beauties and with cultural wealth
  • In the town you can see:
    Jihočeské divadlo (South Czech theater)
    Koncertná sieň Otakara Jeremiáše (Otokar Jeremiáš concert hall)
    Jihočeská komorná filharmónia (South Czech Philharmonic)
    Planetárium (Planetarium) and others.
  • Famous Ema Destinnová festival
  • Collaboration:
    - work meetings
    - attending workshops about tourism and conferences among partner cities
    - exchange of artistic objects and presentation of artists from Nitra in the town hall of České Budějovice
    - participation of the official delegation at the ball in České Budějovice town hall
    - exchange of promotional materials and mutual promotion
    - endeavor to restore previous cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, sport and other

  • Interesting fact about České Budějovice
  • Štyria draci na Budĕjovskej Radnici - The four dragons of České Budějovice’s town hall. These ‘’dragons’’ guard justice and righteousness and it is said that they settled in the time when there was a court room within the town hall, so they would have their eyes on all the actions and decisions.
  • Radničné včely - The town hall bees. In spring on 2003, on the roof of the town hall were places 4 beehives, for the purpose of showing the dramatically declining number of bee population. The honey which the bees produce within the city is of a higher quality than the one produced in villages, because they gather the pollen from the flowers found in the park, which are not treated chemically and which count a more various number of different flower species
  • Samsonová fontána - Samson’s fountain. The largest fountain in the Czech Republic.

You can find more information about České Budějovice on the website: www.c-budejovice.cz

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