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Meet Báčsky Petrovec

Meet Báčsky Petrovec

Meet Báčsky Petrovec

Báčsky Petrovec, Serbia
July 15th ,1998 - Partnership, friendship and permanent cooperation agreement
The municipality form four settlements: Báčsky Petrovec, Kulpín, Maglić, Hložany

  • Characterized by the diverse national composition of the population (more than 66% of the population are Slovaks)
  • Center of the highest educational institutions of Slovaks in the country
  • Here are located: Matica Slovenská, National Museum, Zuzka Medveďová art gallery, Agricultural museum, Štefan Homola library, Vladimír Urbanček art gallery, Association Ahoj.
  • Heart of the cultural, educational, folklore and other cultural and artistic manifestations
  • Collaboration in the field of culture:
    - yearly participation of the Slovak delegation in Báčsky Petrovec during the Slovak national festival (Slovenské národné slávnosti) and celebrations of Petrovec (Dni Petrovca)
    - yearly participation of the Serbian delegation in Nitra during the days of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Cyrilo-metodské slávnosti)
  • Collaboration between the police force in Báčsky Petrovec and the municipal police in Nitra based on the exchange of experience
  • Collaboration in the field of education:
    - cooperation between schools Gymnázium, Párovská 1, Nitra and Gymnázium Jána Kollára in Báčsky Petrovec
    - exchange of experience of project teams from both cities
  • Mutual participation at various workshops, conferences and business meetings

  • Interesting fact about the Báčsky Petrovec municipality:
  • „klobasiáda“ - Sausage festival, during which experts grade the sausages of various producers, a competition for the most tastiest sausage is held and there is also a competition for the best homemade pálenka (Slovak fruit brandy)
  • ‘’Medzinárodný Festival svadobných obyčají’’ - The international wedding festival held in Báčsky Petrovec, at which are demonstrated wedding habits of a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multiconfessional environment.
  • Knižnica Štefana Homolu - The Štefan Homola library; the largest Slovak library outside of Slovakia, with books written mostly in the Slovak language. It is one of the oldest libraries in Serbia.

You can find more information concerning Báčsky Petrovec on the website: www.backipetrovac.rs.

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